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Say Thank You To HVAC Technicians in November

Be Thankful for Heating and Cooling Technicians’ Superb Services

There is much for North Carolina homeowners to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Their family, friends, health, and good fortunes might be near the top of their list. But they shouldn’t overlook their HVAC technicians.

Homeowners rely on heating and cooling contractors to keep their furnaces and air conditioners running properly – allowing their homes to warm and cool to the ideal temperature. Technicians can keep households safe and healthy through indoor air quality services.

heater serviceHeat Homes in the Winter

When the temperatures dip in the winter, HVAC technicians perform tasks to keep heaters and furnaces working correctly to keep homes warm. By performing heating maintenance and furnace repairs, heating contractors prevent households from enduring a chilly house all winter.

Technicians provide the following benefits to households by keeping their heating systems working:

  • A warm and comfortable home during the frigid winter months
  • Protection from illnesses caused by cold temperatures, including hypothermia
  • Prevention of frozen pipes
  • Protection from a malfunctioning heater can cause issues like leaks from carbon monoxide
  • Energy savings due to a more energy-efficient system

Heating contractors keep heaters and furnaces running correctly by performing annual tune-ups and emergency heater repairs and replacements.

ac serviceCool Homes in the Summer

Technicians keep air conditioners running correctly to keep homes cool and comfortable all summer. By performing air conditioner services and AC repairs quickly, technicians can help homeowners avoid hot and stuffy houses.

By performing fast and accurate services, technicians provide the following services to households:

  • A cool and comfortable house all summer, even on the hottest days.
  • A healthy household by helping them avoid heat-related illnesses like heat stroke. This is especially risky for vulnerable family members, including infants and the elderly.
  • Increasing indoor air quality, as working heaters accurately remove particles from the air.
  • Better focus as households can sleep better and more comfortably on hot summer nights.

Technicians keep households safe and cool all summer by performing routine air conditioning services.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

An overlooked benefit technicians provide to households is increased indoor air quality.
Technicians improve the air quality by keeping a home’s furnace or air conditioner running correctly. When working properly, the systems can remove particles and contaminants from the air. Failure to do this can leave a family enduring decreased indoor air quality, leading to health issues and other risks.

Health risks can include allergy, asthma, and respiratory symptoms. If household members suffer from these issues, poor indoor air quality can enhance them and put them at higher risk. These symptoms can be exaggerated if mold and mildew form in the house due to excess moisture.

Poor indoor air quality can also lead to uncomfortable living situations for families. This can make them endure high humidity levels and poor ventilation, making it hot and stuffy in the house.

HVAC technicians help households avoid these issues by performing indoor air quality services, installing air quality systems, and more.

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Since 2007, Air Works Heating & Air has provided Raleigh with quality air conditioning and furnace services. They offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all services and provide straightforward pricing to all clients. Call them today for HVAC services in Franklinton, NC.

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