This Halloween, Prevent Chilling Risks From a Broken Heater 

Signs You Need Heating Repairs

This Halloween, avoid a scary situation by repairing a malfunctioning heater quickly before leaving the household in the cold. If a heater breaks down, it can force the family to endure a chilly house all winter.

To prevent these problems, homeowners must quickly identify and repair heating problems. Some signs they should watch for are if their heater stops warming their house, if it starts to make odd sounds, and if their energy bills are increasing.

Home Is Not Heating Up

When homeowners notice their house is chillier than it should be or cooler than the setting on the thermostat, it can indicate they need heating system repairs.

Numerous problems can cause a heater to fail to warm a house. One potential reason is a malfunctioning thermostat. If there is a problem with the wires, batteries, or other issues with the device, it can prevent the heater from running according to the programmed settings.

A clogged filter, blocked vent, or malfunctioning pilot light can also prevent a heater from properly heating a home. Other issues that impact a heater’s performance are a lack of maintenance and if the heater is too small for the house.

Reasons Your Heating Is Making Strange Sounds

It’s normal for heaters to make some sounds. However, if the system makes frightening noises that sound like a Halloween haunted house, it can be time to call in the professionals.

Some signs that can indicate a problem with the heater are banging, clanging, or rattling. These can indicate there are loose or damaged parts.

Screeching or squealing sounds should also be inspected. These can indicate a broken blower motor or a blower wheel. Grinding sounds can also indicate a broken blower wheel.

Other sounds that can indicate a problem with the heater are hissing or whistling. This can indicate there is a leak in the ductwork. Clicking sounds can also be a symptom of a thermostat problem.

If property owners notice these sounds, they should schedule heater repair services to have the sounds inspected and fixed.

Causes of Unexplained Rises in Energy Bill

If heaters malfunction, they can use more energy than is needed – resulting in higher utility bills. If homeowners notice higher-than-usual energy bills, it can signal an issue with their heater.

Several problems with heaters can cause energy bills to increase. These can include signs of aging, wear and tear, and overworking due to dirty or clogged filters.

Leaking ductwork and a malfunctioning thermostat can also result in wasted energy. Air can leak through cracks in the air ducts, and a broken thermostat can cause a heater to run longer than needed, resulting in wasted energy.

Homeowners can save money and get their energy bills back to normal by hiring a contractor to repair the heater.

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