Dependable Evaporator Coil Services in Wake Forest, NC

If your air conditioner is running but your house isn’t cooling off, it can signal you need evaporator coil repairs. Call us at 919-528-4333 for appointments in Wake Forest and throughout Wake County.

The evaporator coil might seem like a small component in your air conditioner system, but it plays a very large role. If it malfunctions, your property will not cool to the temperature setting on the thermostat. It can also cause musty odors in your house or office, and can make it feel humid. If you notice these issues, you need to schedule evaporator coil replacements or repairs. Call our trustworthy technicians at Air Works Heating & Air to schedule an appointment in Wake Forest, NC.

Are you looking for an alternative to a forced-air cooling system? Contact us to learn about our ductless mini split AC systems.