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HVAC Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is key to ensuring it is functioning properly. Setting up a yearly maintenance schedule can also help prevent costly major problems from arising. Keeping your HVAC at peak performance helps reduce your energy costs, and setting up a maintenance contract with us will even save you 15% on future Air Works HVAC repairs. Our busiest seasons are summer and winter, so we recommend that you schedule your air conditioning system maintenance check in the spring and your heating system maintenance check in the fall.

The Value of Regular Maintenance

The Value of Regular MaintenanceWhen you schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you’re taking a proactive approach. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your system is in top shape all year long. That gives you peace of mind and assures that you’ll be comfortable in any weather. No matter what kind of home or business you need cooled or heated, Air Works will ensure that you receive the best level of comfort. Our maintenance is the best way to catch incoming problems before they can cause big issues, and it keeps your system in great shape so that it can keep delivering its best performance for life.

A Complete Approach

When you choose Air Works, our team does more to ensure that your HVAC system is kept in top shape all year, every year. That way, you don’t have to ever worry about what condition your system is in. Thanks to our complete checklist that covers every single component of your system, we make sure to pay attention to every detail. By focusing on every part of your HVAC in depth, Air Works gains a deeper understanding of your system that we can then pass on to you. Our detailed reports give you a full picture of the health of your HVAC system that you can reference in the future.

Great Anytime of Year

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. If your HVAC goes out when you need it, it’s never comfortable. Plus, it seems like it almost always happens at the worst time possible. By receiving regular routine maintenance to your system, you’ll be able to avoid any nasty surprises. Our technicians can check your system out whether it’s cold or hot out. And by receiving regular service, you’ll be able to learn about any problems before they become a major nuisance. Make sure that you’re comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Service for Any System

Our experts can work on any system you need them to. No matter if your system is old or new or how long it has been since your last servicing, we’re up to the task. We can take care of any HVAC system and have experience working with all makes and models. That means more ways to keep your system in great shape longer. Plus, our detailed reporting will give you an idea of how your HVAC is performing during every stage of its life. That can help inform you if you’re still getting the most bang for your buck from your system.

Heating and Furnace System Maintenance Includes:

  • Checking Heat Exchangers for Cracks and Holes
  • Cleaning Burners
  • Cleaning Flame Sensors
  • Checking the Ignitor
  • Inspecting All Wiring
  • Inspecting Heat Pump Components
  • Inspecting Motors
  • Checking Filters
  • Ensuring Proper Venting
  • Checking Safety Controls
  • Checking Capacitors
  • And More

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Includes:

  • Checking Refrigerant Pressures
  • Inspecting All Wiring
  • Inspecting Motors
  • Inspecting and Cleaning Coils
  • Inspecting Filters
  • Ensuring Proper Airflow
  • Checking Safety Controls
  • Clearing Drain Lines
  • Checking Capacitors
  • And More

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