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What Do We Look For During an “HVAC Inspection?”

Posted on Jul 25, 2017

We recommend a regularly scheduled HVAC inspection as part of our customers’ maintenance schedule, as this process helps us discover small problems that we can fix before they become much bigger issues. We cover six areas during this service to be as thorough as possible.

Electrical Function

Your house’s electrical system is closely tied in with HVAC equipment. If an electric connector comes loose or wires get damaged, your furnace or air conditioner may not work properly. Broken electrical parts also represent a major safety and fire hazard in the home. We test all electrical aspects as they related to the HVAC systems in your home, from the breaker box to the thermostat.

Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is an essential part of keeping a home cool when the air conditioning unit is running. Leaks in the lines and other problems could cause the refrigerant levels to run too low to cool a home sufficiently. If we discover any points of failure in the lines, we can fix the broken line and put the refrigerant level back to a sufficient volume.

Heat Exchanger Condition

The heat exchanger moves heat out of a home’s HVAC system. If it’s not working properly, the system may take too much energy to cool each room, or it may not function properly at all. We look over the heat exchanger condition to discover any physical damage that could impede its smooth operation. Dirt and debris can also make it difficult to operate at its full strength, so cleaning may also be included as part of recommended maintenance routines.

Motor & Compressor Function

The motor and compressor fuel the heat exchange system that makes an HVAC system work properly. These moving parts may require replacement or repair to continue working properly. We look over both of these components to ensure that everything is in order, and we make a note of the parts that may need replacement in the near future. For example, fan blades may get worn down or damaged.

Ductwork Condition

The ductwork moves the heated or cooled air around the home, creating a pleasant environment in each room. Think of the ducts as the veins that connect the HVAC unit heart to the rest of the body (house). Air filters sit between the ducts and the vents in each room, which need regular replacement. Dust and debris can also build up in the ductwork, and physical damage can create leaks and pressure problems.

Gas Piping, Valves, & Ignitors

The furnace has gas piping (for gas furnaces), valves, and ignitors that need to be kept in good repair. We inspect all of these components to determine whether they need to be cleaned or repaired. A leak in the gas piping is a very serious and dangerous situation, so we make sure that this component is safe. If the system isn’t working as well as it should, the igniters or burner assembly may need some slight adjustments.

An HVAC inspection is a thorough examination of the home’s heating and cooling system. We make sure that everything is in good working condition, with well-functioning parts and hardware that it properly cleaned. This is a summary of what goes into our inspections, and we’re happy to help out homeowners who want to improve their HVAC’s efficiency and longevity.

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