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Top HVAC Tips for the Holidays

Posted on Dec 8, 2017
Top HVAC Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are finally here! They can be the most wonderful time of the year, and also the busiest and most stressful. Between visiting family, setting up decorations, the craziness of work, shopping, and more it can be hard to stay sane during the holiday season. The last thing you need is to also be worried about your HVAC system. The friendly HVAC experts at Air Works Heating & Air put together some helpful hints to so that you can get the most out of your HVAC during the holidays.

Keep Lights & Heat Sources Away from the Thermostat

This is a good rule of thumb to keep throughout the year, but it’s particularly important at Christmas time. With so many additional lights, candles, and other decorations around the house, you have to check that nothing is too close to your thermostat. When a thermostat is too close to a source of heat it can lead to false temperature readings. That means your thermostat won’t turn on when it needs to in order to properly heat your home. This can result in a colder house and higher energy bills when the heat finally cuts on.

Don’t Cover the Thermostat at All

We understand wanting to make the home as festive as possible. Just don’t get too carried away. Wreaths, holiday pictures, and other decorations look great, but they can also be like putting a blanket over your thermostat. Like heat sources, these can make it difficult for the thermostat to correctly gauge your home’s temperature. When the thermostat can’t read the temperature, it can’t do its job correctly. This can quickly lead to a chilly home and a lot of wasted money. When you keep your thermostat uncovered you’ll be able to stay comfortable this Christmas.

Make Sure Air Vents Aren’t Blocked

Between the tree, presents, and all the other decorations, there’s going to be a lot going on around the house. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s vital to be certain that your air vents are unobstructed. When your air vents are covered they’re unable to do their job. This could end up making your HVAC system work harder, costing you more money in the long run. More than that, having your air vents covered can be dangerous.

Beware of Flammable Objects

It’s heartbreaking to hear about house fires during the holidays. What’s worse is that many of them can be avoided. Keep flammable objects like paper, packages, and blankets away from heating sources to keep you and yours safe this holiday season. Have all of your potentially flammable objects a safe distance away from any potential heat sources so you can rest easy during the holidays. This is for more than just vents. Space heaters, radiators, electric blankets, and other heat sources are the cause of tens of thousands of fires each year. Stay warm this holiday season, but also stay safe.

Talk to the HVAC Experts at Air Works

The best thing you can do to safeguard your HVAC system for the holidays is to call the NC HVAC Pros at Air Works. We’re happy to take a look at your system to make sure everything is on the up and up. Routine HVAC maintenance is key to an efficient HVAC system, that means having it regularly cleaned and repaired. Our team of HVAC professionals will perform detailed HVAC inspection and troubleshooting so that your system will run smoothly all season long.

Get in touch with our friendly local HVAC service today to have your HVAC system looked at so you can be prepared for the holidays. Contact Air Works Heating & Air for all of your HVAC services in North Carolina.

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