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Cold Weather is Around the Corner. Is Your House Ready?

Posted on Oct 28, 2017
Cold Weather is Around the Corner. Is Your House Ready?

Fall is finally here. We’re heading into the time of jackets and scarves. It’s also one of the most temperate times to be in the South. The dog days of summer are over. Now you have the chance to enjoy some football. Not to mention a nice, cool evening on the porch. With the cooler climate comes a great opportunity to save on your power bill. Air Works has advice for how you can make the most of the season, and save on HVAC in North Carolina.

1. Take Advantage of Cooler Temps

In North Carolina, fall is a delightful time of year. This can be a great time save money on your energy bill. Temperatures will hover in the 60s and 70s. You should raise the AC setting. If your AC is at 72, consider raising it a couple degrees to 75. The weather will help keep the house cool. And you could see significant savings on your electricity bill.

2. Turn Up Your Refrigerator

Did you turn down the temp on your fridge this summer? We don’t blame you. Everyone loves an ice cold beverage. You might want to turn it back up, though. Especially now that it’s cooler. Don’t turn it up too much. Just a degree or two. Don’t worry. It won’t affect your food. However, you will see a difference on your power bill.

3. Turn Off Unnecessary Appliances

Turning off the AC can actually make your system work harder. Turn it down instead. There are other things you should power down. If you have any summer appliances like freezers, fridges, or window units you’re not using you should unplug them. These gadgets can be a big drain on electricity. Only leave on the things you absolutely need.

4. Look for Drafts

Fall is a good chance to spot bad insulation. Check your windows and doors when the weather cools down. Identify and seal any cracks you might see. This is especially true for older homes. It’s still worth doing for new homes, too. It’s a small step. But it will save you from throwing away money.

5. Wait to Turn On the Heat

We know it’s tempting. Often, the instinct for that first chilly morning is to reach for the thermostat. Try to hold off. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable. Think about breaking out that favorite sweater. Maybe curl up with a comfy blanket, or a warm drink. The longer you go without the heat, the more you save.

6. Call the Pros at Air Works

We don’t blame you if you’re hesitant to get the heat going. It’s probably been a while since you’ve had it on. Call a service you can trust. Find a friendly team from Air Works for your inspection. We will check your electrical system, heat exchanger, and ductwork. We’ll also inspect any gas piping, valves, and ignitors. This will ensure your heat is safe and efficient. Count on the specialists at Air Works. We’ll make sure your house is fit for fall.

Be sure that your home is prepared for colder weather. Contact the Air Works HVAC experts today.

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