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3 AC Repairs You Can Avoid

Posted on Apr 11, 2017

AC Repair RaleighThe time to realize your AC needs repair is not the first 80-degree day of the year, unless you enjoy being uncomfortable in your home. Your HVAC system is an unsung hero in your home, and many people pay no attention to their AC until it goes out and the house begins to get warm. It’s only then it becomes clear how important it is to keep an eye on your AC system and make sure it’s functioning properly. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure most machines perform optimally, and just like with most things, if you don’t maintain your AC, you’re likely to end up with a hot house and a necessary repair that could have been avoided once that heavy Raleigh heat sets in.

What Happens When You Skip AC Service?

It’s generally agreed on that service is preferable to repair. It’s typically quicker and more cost-effective to simply perform maintenance, avoiding a potential mess or inconvenience in the process. Let’s take a look at some common AC repairs and how to avoid them.

AC Water Leaks

Ever mysteriously found a pool of water on the floor or a damp ceiling you couldn’t explain? Most people attempt to trace this back to their plumbing, but water leakage is often a sign of an AC issue. Condensation collects on the inside coil of your AC system, and when things are working properly, it drains outdoors. However, if the drain gets clogged with debris, that moisture ends up going the opposite direction, right into your home. Depending on the amount of moisture, you could expect a ruined attic, a water-damaged floor, or damp rooms at risk of mold. Routine professional maintenance can catch this problem and prevent it easily, saving you as much as thousands of dollars in potential repairs to your home.

Frozen AC Evaporator Coils

While your AC helps keep your home cool, it shouldn’t cause anything to be frozen. Evaporator coils help cool the air in your home, but if they freeze up due to a number of reasons, your AC’s refrigerant won’t be able to continue doing its job. Frozen coils can damage your AC and prevent cool air flow, but are likely due to low refrigerant, a dirty air filter, or problems with your fan motor. These issues can all be handled by an AC technician during a routine maintenance appointment, sparing you the inconvenience of a repair once the damage occurs.

AC Wear & Tear

No AC will last forever, but having a qualified AC expert provide regular service can greatly extend the life of your system’s parts. A technician will catch any little issues that may lead to greater damage and adjust components to remain in proper working order for longer. Like it or not, AC has become a necessity during a hot Raleigh summer, and not one people enjoy paying for when a part wears out. Increase your AC’s longevity as much as possible so you can save the time and money an inconvenient repair will require.


We at Air Works Heating & Air have specialized in AC service and repair as well as other HVAC needs for over ten years, helping homeowners all throughout the Triangle area. We recommend and perform regular maintenance for all AC systems to avoid hassle, but when problems occur, we’ll also be their to quickly and efficiently take care of any necessary AC repairs. If you’re experiencing issues with your system or would like to being regular service, contact us today and be on your way to a cool summer!

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